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Ground Protection

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Ground Protection Mats, Track Mats & Grids

There are many types of ground protection on the market, some of which are designed as temporary installations to allow heavy-duty equipment to access sites, while others offer a flat, even surface for events. Then there are permanent installation products for reinforcing car parking areas allowing “on grass” parking without causing a mud pit or soil erosion.



This product is a permeable grass paver that allows grass to grow through, or can be used to hold gravel in place. It is a permanent product that once installed is generally left in place. It is ideal for driveways & parking areas.


Ground Mats

Mats come in large flat sheets of various sizes, they are clamped together to form roadways protecting the ground from damage caused by heavy equipment.


Ground Tracks

These can be interlocked in a highly flexible track that conforms to the contours of the underlying ground. They are ideal for semi-permanent and temporary installations alike.

Ground Protection Mats

There are three key types of ground mats on the market currently, these are outlined below each with their key differences outlined.



The ultimate US-made lawn protection mat. This is the "Gold Standard" of temporary ground protection mats suitable for all vehicles, heavy equipment, or foot traffic.

  • Suited to heavy vehicles
  • Selection of larger sizes
  • More suited to vehicle use

You can buy the 3x8 AlturnaMat here or call us toll-free at the number above.



US-made, the Versamat is targeted at smaller vehicles and pedestrian use. It is otherwise identical to the Alturnamat and made by the same people (Justrite Safety Group®).

  • Better suited to pedestrian use
  • Selection of smaller, narrow sizes
  • American made

You can buy the 4x8 VersaMat turf protection mat here or call us toll-free at the number above.

ground protection mat example-image

Liberty Mat

A US-made product, with production moving to the states, the LibertyMat is a high traction ground mat, flexible for installation on uneven ground, and also reversible.

  • Engineered chevron traction surface
  • Lightweight and cheap to transport
  • Flexible for deployment on uneven surfaces

Please call toll-free at (800) 671-9662 for more information on the LibertyMat

Lawn Protection Mats, Get The Right Color

We recently carried out an experiment where six different types of lawn protection mats were laid out on the grass for 10 days straight. The average temperature during this time was 83 degrees.

The result was definite and conclusive and shows just how important having the right color of matting can be in keeping your lawn alive.

  1. White
  2. Off-white
  3. White
  4. Black
  5. Clear / Semi-Transparent
  6. Black
Get the Right colour or lawn protection mat

After only two days in position mats, 4 and 6 were showing heavy grass damage. By the end of the ten-day test period, the grass is permanently damaged and dead, it will need re-seeding.

The lighter-colored mats (1-3) were showing damage at the ten-day point, but nothing that won’t recover within a month.

The transparent mat was the clear victor here when it comes to grass preservation. It was in place for the full 10 days and shows little signs of stress.

This simple test shows just how important it is to get the right color of mat to protect your lawn. The clear mat is available at no extra cost as part of the Alturnamat range. The black matting is great on non-grass surfaces but will result in heavy lawn repair costs if used for longer periods of time or in hotter climates.

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If you have any questions about any of the above products then please contact us toll-free at (800) 671-9662, our sales team will be happy to assist you in getting the best product for your needs.

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