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Outrigger Pads - Crane Pads

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Heavy Duty Crane Outrigger Pads - Crane Pads

Our range of crane outrigger pads are made from ultra-high density plastic. They are Inert and very strong, so strong in fact that they come with a free lifetime guarantee. Checkers who produce this quality pad are so confident that if you break it they will replace it (so long as it was being used correctly).

The Pads themselves are available in four sizes, making them ideal for use with many sizes of lifting equipment. They are as strong as traditional materials and will not absorb water or contaminants from the soil making them safe to take from site to site without fearing cross-contamination.

Key Benefits

  • Safety textured
  • No delamination
  • Safety orange rope handles
  • Lightweight
  • No splinters
  • Recovery memory
  • No warping after bending

Solid Construction HEAVY DUTY Outrigger Pads

The only engineered, quantifiable and rated outrigger pad available today.

“If you break it, we’ll replace it.”

Checkers offer a Lifetime Guarantee with all of their Checkers Outrigger Pads

Using outrigger crane pads
Setting up outrigger and crane pads

Model Load Capacity Width Length Height Weight Sq. In.
  Vertical 45° Angle          
PAD1515.75 45,000 lbs. 20,000 lbs. 15" 15" .75" 5.5 lbs. 225
(20,412 kg) (9,072 kg) (C38.1) (C38.1) (C2.54) (3.40 kg) (CT1,451.70)
PAD18181 55,000 lbs. 30,000 lbs. 18" 18" 1" 11.0 lbs. 324
(24,948 kg) (13,608 kg) (C45.72) (C345.72) (C2.54) (4.99 kg) (CT2,090.45)
PAD24241 60,000 lbs. 35,000 lbs. 24" 24" 1" 20.0 lbs. 576
(27,216 kg) (15,876 kg) (C60.96) (C60.96) (C2.54) (9.07 kg) (CT3,761.35)
PAD24242 62,000 lbs. 40,000 lbs. 24" 24" 2" 38.0 lbs. 576
(28,123 kg) (18,144 kg) (C60.96) (C60.96) (C5.08) (17.24 kg) (CT3,761.35)

KEY: C = Centimeters; KG = Kilograms; CT = Square Centimeters

*8”x10” Outrigger Leg applied under two separate conditions; 10,000# vertically and 10,000# with a 45 degree angle.
**Rope Handle located on width side of all pads. Pads 900 sq.in. or larger have two or more handles opposite each other.
***Custom size pads available. Requires a minimum order. Lead time for non-stock items is 30-45 days.***

Guidelines for correct use

• Footpads must be smooth and have 80 sq. in. of surface.
• Muddy or loose soil conditions may require additional shoring or stacking of pads.
• Excessive flexing and/or bending may shorten the usable life of the pad.
• The acceptable operating temperature range is -40˚ to 180˚F.

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