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Linebacker Cable Protectors

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Linebacker Heavy Duty Cable Protectors

The Linebacker® has been designed with heavy industrial environments in mind it is the ultimate heavy duty cable protector. It has a high load capacity with the lightest end of the range accommodating vehicles up to 17,000 lb. per axle, and the heaviest end of the range accommodating vehicles up to 40,300 lb. per axle.  

The Linebacker® is very tough, and designed to take the wear and tear seen in mining, military, and heavy industrial environments. It is very capable of dealing with daily traffic of forklifts and other heavy goods vehicles.

A wide selection of profiles, and configurations

There is many configurations within the Checkers Linebacker® range, including five, four, three and two channel variants within the heavy duty line, and four, five and one channel versions of the general purpose range.

Within the range, there are corner sections allowing 45° corners and dog-leg sections to be created, splits and cross sections are also available.

Each section is supplied with a fixed re-enforced lid that protects cables or hoses that are held internally, allowing safe passage for both vehicles and pedestrians over the top.

ADA accessories

There is a full range of accessibility ramps available for the Linebacker® range; these allow people with limited mobility to easily traverse the cable protection ramp. It also provides an ideal crossing point for vehicles with smaller wheels such as golf buggy’s, carts and trolleys.

Patented T-Connectors

The Linebacker® range uses Checkers® Patented T-Connector. This locks each section to the next ensuring that they do not come apart unintentionally. This makes them ideal for public events where once deployed, they need to stay put.

Suitable for all weather and season use.

The Linebacker® has been tested in a range of environments, from -40F through to 120F, it is UV stabilized as well as chemical and oil resistant, meaning it can be deployed almost anywhere and require very little upkeep once in place.

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