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SYSTEM 7™ - Composite Mat

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SYSTEM7™ Ground Protection Mats - Made in the USA
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SYSTEM7™ Heavy Duty Interlocking Composite Access Mats

Whether for short-term or extended projects, ground protection is crucial when operating heavy vehicles over soft and uneven ground, to stop your terrain from turning into a muddy bog. Ground access mats act as a versatile barrier between your fleet and the ground, distributing a vehicle’s weight more evenly over the ground, providing better traction, and minimizing any damage caused to the environment. Temporary Access Mats also reduce the likelihood of vehicles or materials becoming stuck or even getting lost in the mud. SYSTEM7™ provides reliable, durable site access for trucks and heavy-duty vehicles or equipment.

Because of these diverse needs and use cases, Spartan Composite’s heavy-duty access mats are designed for use in all industries that require firm, level ground to conduct their operations. Construction firms, civil engineering projects, roadway improvement contractors, and utility companies as well as many other industries can benefit from well-engineered, closely interlocking system like SYSTEM7™. They can also be used by event planners and festival organizers to create a solid foundation for their events.

Please note that although SYSTEM7 technology interlocks with most industry leading mats, it does not interlock with the Mega Deck.

Spartan Composite’s SYSTEM7™ ground protection mats are independently tested as the industry’s strongest multi-purpose access mats, built for your heaviest-duty jobs while also offering buoyancy.

The Strongest on the Market

  • Versatile: Designed to easily connect to common, industry-standard mats, as well as other systems that use simple cross-over sections - using the SYSTEM7™ connectivity pins.
  • Speedy Installation: Installation is quick and easy, requiring very minimal training as only 3 tools are needed (which are featured in their toolkit). The tools needed for SYSTEM7™ are more affordable than those of their competitors in the domain.
  • Recyclable & Refundable: The mat is 100% recyclable, with a refunded value for those who return it.
  • Durable: Has a long-lasting average Life cycle of 10 to 15 years, with many known to last longer - maximizing your ROI!
  • Puncture Resistant: A compartmentalized internal “ribbing” design so that in the case of a gauge or puncture, water can only affect one specific area, limiting the spread of damage.
  • Incompressable: From the internal ribbing and core of SYSTEM7™, the compression strength design values are better than any competitors.
  • Independently Tested: For the industry's highest compression strength. Can comfortably withstand up to 650psi of pressure.
  • Personalizable: SYSTEM7™ lets you pick your color, and tread pattern, and/or add your company name and logo.
  • Edge Lip Tested: This product has undergone edge-lip testing to ensure that it prevents soil erosion along its edges.
  • Reliable Grip: Patented ZeroSkid™ technology gives SYSTEM7™ the best traction on the market.
  • Sun Safe: Includes UV protection as standard to combat sun bleaching.

SYSTEM7™ At a Glance

Shipping Dimensions: 4.25” x 8’ x 14’

Usable Size after Interlocking: 7’ x 13’

Weight: 1030 lbs / Mat

Field Life: 10-15 Years

Static Dissipative: Yes

Buoyancy: Yes

Mats Per Semi Truck: 45

Tracking: GPS or RFID tracking options available

Contaminant repellent: Won't absorb contaminants

Warranty: 1-year Limited Warranty

Made in the US

Toolkit for easy installation

Components & Strength of SYSTEM7™

SYSTEM7™ ground protection is made up of two components which both contribute to the long-term durability of the system:

System 7 Mat Tread Closeup

The SYSTEM7™ Mat Itself


Patented ZeroSkid™ technology gives SYSTEM7™ the best coefficient of friction (traction) in the world! Now with significantly improved traction thanks to more than 28% more tread and a new and improved omnidirectional pattern.

This one-piece fully welded mat offers improved stress points and a stronger flange, increasing its durability.

Flange (Lip)

SYSTEM7™ boasts the strongest connecting lip in the world, rigorously tested for edge lip viability to withstand environmental factors. This testing checks the mat's ability to prevent soil erosion - essential for projects undertaken in delicate habitats like wetlands or areas with endangered species. During testing, a soil sample is placed on a slope, and the mat is positioned at the edge to test if it will retain soil in place.

System 7 locking Pin For The Matting System Close Up

The SYSTEM7™ Locking Pin

Relatively inexpensive compared to competitors, SYSTEM7™’s patented locking pins are easy to connect, while being easily interchangeable, quick to install, and “built Spartan Tough”. These patented locking pins resolve issues that persist with other pinning systems. They are large enough to be easily worked with while wearing gloves.

The connectors are compatible with other 8×14 composite mats, allowing easy integration of SYSTEM7™ with the most common mats in the industry - being interchangeable with competitor pins, you can use them on competitors’ matting systems!

SYSTEM7™ also features a Female Hex to lock/unlock the pin. This removes the need for excessive slots on the top of the pin, reducing the likelihood of blockage from foreign fluids and debris. The pin locks from either direction (360°) and also includes a visual lock/unlock indicator for even more ease of use. Improved wall slots provide easy access to help remove mud, snow, and ice buildup, and a flat-head screwdriver hole is built into the female hex for unlocking it in the toughest situations.

Representing the next generation of mat connecting technology, the SYSTEM7™ locking pin is designed to withstand the harshest environments while being packed full of features that make it more user-friendly in the field.

You will need a minimum of 2 locking pins to connect two mats together.

Please note that SYSTEM7™ does not interlock with the Mega Deck, only the Dura Base.

Customization & Serial Numbers

SYSTEM7™ lets you choose your color, and tread pattern, and/or add your company name and logo. This applies to the pins too!
Please contact us for any personalization needs.


"7" Style Tread


Color Options




Spartan Composites provides complimentary on-site support from specialized field technicians for your initial installation of qualifying jobs. This service remains available for additional needs or support as required.

No expensive ground preparation is required before laying this versatile matting system. Just remove any large or sharp rocks to allow for smooth use as the mats will follow the natural curves of the ground.

For an even simpler installation process, the SYSTEM7™ toolkit has all the tools needed for setting up the entire matting system. The SYSTEM7 Toolkit includes three essential tools for lower effort, efficient installation:

  • The Positioning Bar
  • The Locking Wrench
  • The Pin Extractor
System 7 locking Pin For The Matting System Close Up

Flexible Layout and Support Services

SYSTEM7 composite mats can be attached to another mat on each of its 4 sides, opening up many possibilities for mat layouts, depending on what is required.
We can even send specialized technicians to you to help with your first installations.

GPS or RFID Tracking

Every mat produced in the Spartan Composites facility is assigned a unique serial number and RFID tag, simplifying asset tracking for everyone involved!

  • GPS tracking options available
  • RFID tracking options available

Contact us for more information

SYSTEM 7 Construction Matting Layout Example on Pier

MultiPurpose & Buoyancy

From construction sites to event venues, these mats provide a reliable solution for creating stable surfaces in challenging terrain. Whether for temporary access, work platforms, staging areas, or environmental containment, SYSTEM7 mats offer great adaptability, improving efficiency and safety on your project.

The buoyancy of SYSTEM7 improves its utility where water or uneven surfaces might become a challenge. Designed to be buoyant when placed on water, these mats help access and construction over wet or marshy areas, providing stable footing for workers and equipment. This feature also makes SYSTEM7™ for environmental containment, where traditional mats may struggle to maintain stability. Overall, the combination of versatility and buoyancy makes SYSTEM7™ mats a reliable choice for many heavy-duty applications and environments.

Use Cases, Applications & Environments

The range of use cases, applications, and environments in which SYSTEM7™ Composite Mats excel is diverse. The system provides durable safety solutions for industries ranging from oil & gas drilling to heavy-haul applications.

  • Oil & Gas, & Water Well Drilling
  • Temporary Access Roads
  • Utilities & Pipeline Construction Matting
  • Work Platforms
  • Ground Protection
  • Construction Sites
  • Staging Areas
  • ROW Mats
  • Floating Platforms
  • Environmental Protection & Containment
  • Helicopter & Aviation Landings
  • Heavy-Haul Applications

Unique Strengths of SYSTEM 7

  • 3rd party tested as the strongest composite mat!
  • Massive strength, performance and longevity
  • Best lip/flange design on the market

SYSTEM 7 construction matting layout examples
SYSTEM 7 construction matting layout examples

SYSTEM7™ Composite Mats - Pros

  • Durability – Composite mats are highly durable and can withstand heavy loads, making them suitable for long-term use in construction, oil and gas, and other industries.
  • Lightweight – Compared to traditional materials like wood or steel, composite mats are lightweight, making them easier to transport, handle, and install on-site.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Many composite mats are made from recycled materials and are environmentally sustainable. They reduce the need for cutting down trees for wooden mats and minimize environmental impact.
  • Chemical Resistance – Composite mats are resistant to chemicals, oils, and corrosive substances, making them ideal for use in industries where spills or leaks are common.
  • Customization – Composite mats can be manufactured to specific sizes and shapes, allowing for customization to fit the requirements of different job sites and applications.

SYSTEM7™ Composite Mats - Cons

  • Cost – Composite mats tend to be more expensive upfront compared to alternatives like wood. However, their durability and longevity usually offset this initial cost over time.
  • Slippery Surface – In wet or icy conditions, the smooth surface of composite mats may become slippery, posing a safety risk for workers and equipment.
  • Maintenance Requirements – Composite mats may require regular maintenance to ensure they remain in good condition. This can include cleaning, inspection for damage, and repairs as needed.
  • Temperature & UV Sensitivity – In very hot conditions, composite mats may soften or warp, while in cold temperatures, they may become brittle and prone to cracking. Extended exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation can lead to color fading, surface cracking, and reduced performance.

Wood Alu Steel SYSTEM7™
Easy To Transport
Low Maintenance
Can Be Used On Uneven Ground
Will not Rust or Rot
Best Buy

Buying & Renting Options

Now is the time to BUY rather than rent, no more paying for “damaged” or “stuck” mats that you have had to leave on site.
These access solutions will last a long time and can be easily transported from one construction site to the next.
We can even offer demonstrations and site visits to show you just how good our product is.

Don’t want to buy?
Check out our rental service for the Spartan Composites range! Whether you need to buy or rent your mats, or if you want to buy in bulk, don't hesitate to contact our sales team by phone, or drop us a live message using the chat box below.
We’d love to tell you more about our competitive rates!

Shipping Information

Convenience & Efficiency

Each mat is shipped individually without a pallet, reducing packaging materials and simplifying logistics while increasing the number of mats that can be shipped per truck. With dimensions of 8’ x 14’ x 4.25” during transport and a weight of 1030 lbs each, these mats are compact yet sturdy, allowing for 45 mats to be carried per truck. The lightweight design of the mat allows for easy handling and transportation as well as efficient loading and unloading of the mats, minimizing labor and transportation costs.

The Spartan Composite Mats Family


If you’re looking for a lighter-duty mat, that still provides a strong, reliable protection, while being more versatile and portable than the SYSTEM7™ Mat, the Scout Mat™ has got you covered. At 88 lbs, it's the toughest light-duty composite mat in its class.

Compatible with DuraBase construction mats


  • Q: What is the weight capacity of SYSTEM7 Mats? – SYSTEM7™ Mats are rated at 650psi. The weight they can support will vary based on what ground type they have been positioned on, as well as the weight distribution of your vehicle.  
  • Q: Can I drive and turn on SYSTEM7™? – SYSTEM 7 mats have been designed for most vehicles and loads to drive and turn on, including tractor-trailers, forklifts, backhoes, pickups, and other heavy equipment.

SYSTEM7™ Provides Protection For:

  • The Environment
  • Equipment
  • Your Workforce
  • Infrastructure
  • Containment Layers

SYSTEM7™ Creates

  • Usable Work Surfaces
  • Increased Efficiencies
  • Less Down Time
  • Stability for Lifts
  • Temporary Roads
  • Temporary Bridges

SYSTEM7™ Prevents

  • Work Delays
  • Damage to Equipment
  • Injury to Personnel
  • Remediation Needs

Composite Vs Wooden Timber Heavy track mats System 7 Mat Collection

Benefits of SYSTEM 7 Access Mats

  • Inert Material – Will not leach any chemicals from or into the surrounding ground. Even if fuel or other contaminants get spilled onto the mats, they can be cleaned and ready to go to another site.
  • Strong – Our systems are capable of taking traffic from everything from a wheelbarrow to a large tracked vehicle.
  • Improved traction – The surface of the mat is covered in a friction-enhancing pattern to give vehicles small and large the traction they need even on inclines.
  • Non-conductive – These access mats do not conduct electricity, which is ideal for working on electrical utilities.
  • Quickly lock together – With various locking types and overlaps your mats will stay in place and will not separate. Keeping mud underneath and the topside clean.
  • Suitable for all elements – We have tested our mats thoroughly in all climates, and you can be sure that they will not crack in the cold, or deteriorate in the heat.
  • Recyclable – The durable material that these mats are made from is not only exceptionally hard-wearing it is also easily and readily recycled.

Problems With Timber Mats

  • Water absorbent – Wooden mats can absorb water to the point that their weight can double, making them more dangerous to install and remove and even harder to transport. It is not uncommon for them to stick in mud so badly that they have to remain on site permanently.
  • Expensive – Whether renting or buying you will find that wooden mats have many hidden costs. Be it excessive transportation costs or getting charged for stuck or damaged units.
  • Heavy – Wooden mats are so weighty that only a small number can be transported on one semi-truck, and they only get heavier once on site and exposed to the elements.
  • Cross-contamination – As these mats are not inert they can absorb oils, fungus, seeds, bacteria, or any number of other contaminants from a work site. These contaminants can then contaminate the next site at which they are installed. What was the last person who used the wooden mats doing with them? Will it damage your site's ecosystem?
  • Extreme Transport Costs – With only a small number on a vehicle it is not uncommon for solid wood mats to have so many delivery vehicles required during their installation that the vehicles themselves damage the temporary roadway and surroundings.

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