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Wheel Chock Mounting Brackets - Bars - Horizontal - Vertical

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Wheel Chock Mounting Brackets

It is always important that wheel chocks are kept with the vehicle that they are intended to be used on, otherwise, you may find that you need to stop on an incline and your wheel chocks are 2 hours away back at base. For this reason, we provide mounting bars and brackets that securely mount wheel chocks to the vehicles for transport.

There are three types of wheel chock mounting brackets made by checkers, these can be seen below under the following headers, Bar Type, Vertical bracket, and Horizontal Bracket. Under each header is a list of compatible wheel chocks to the particular type and model of the bracket.

If you are unsure of the type of mounting bracket that is needed for your particular requirements then please do not hesitate to contact us at (800) 671-9662

Bar Type Chock Mounting Bracket

This type of bracket has a simple bar that the wheel chocks slide over the end of to mount it securely to the vehicle, a pin is then inserted into the end of the bar to retain the chock and prevent it from working loose. This type of bracket will hold two wheel chocks and is supplied in a primer-only finish with no mounting hardware.

Each bar is 36" long and has a 6" square mounting plate. It weighs 16lb.

MC1900 Bar Mounting Bracket

MC1900 For Use With Chocks
MC3012 MC3011 MC3010 MC3009 MC1210

Vertical Mounting Brackets

These mounting brackets are made from folded steel and are suitable for mounting one wheel chock per bracket. The wheel chock is slotted into the bracket from above keeping it secure within the bracket. They are supplied in a zinc-plated finish with no mounting hardware.

Please check our Vertical Mount wheel chock table below for compatibility.

Mount Model No. Compatible With Chock
UC15VM UC1500
UC14VM UC1400
UC17VM UC1700

Horizontal Mounting Brackets

These mounting brackets mount the wheel chock in a horizontal manner, for when space on vertical surfaces is restricted. This orientation of mounting makes them ideal for mounting along the underside of a vehicle bed at the edges for easy access.

The brackets are supplied in a zinc-plated finish with no mounting hardware. Please check the compatibility table below to ensure that you are purchasing the correct mounting bracket for your needs.

Mount Model No. Compatible With Chock
UC15HM UC1500
UC14HM UC1400

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