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StartMat™ - HDPE Ground Protection Mat

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StartMat™ - Ground Protection Mat

Are you looking for an affordable and versatile ground protection mat? We decided to offer our own with the benefits of the competition without the additional cost! Our ground mats are flexible, durable (virtually indestructible), and come with a Lifetime Warranty! Available in 3x8' or 4x8' sizes, black or white color, and with best-in-class industry standard Diamond Cleat tread!

Why use a ground protection mat?

Heavy equipment can cause extensive damage to your property, resulting in costly repairs and extended downtime. Over the years, HDPE composite mats have taken over the market from plywood, fiberglass, and even steel to provide the most versatile ground protection mat but it comes at a higher cost. Our mat delivers on both price and performance.

StartMat is designed to protect and stabilize your surfaces from damage or degradation due to overuse. They're also environmentally friendly and made from highly recyclable HDPE material.

StartMat Brand Advantages - StartMats come in 3x8 or 4x8 size, black of white mat color, support upto 90 tons and come with a limited lifetime warranty

StartMat Benefits, 15 to 20 Year Lifespan, A Lifetime Warranty, Supports upto 90 Tons, Made from Virgin HDPE, UV Stable, Interlockable, Withstands Extreme Weather and comes in Black or White color.

All StartMats come with handholds as standard!

Need advice or have questions?

If you're stuck in a rut for decisions, or perhaps you have a unique project need, call one of our specialists on (800) 671-9662 Let's talk!

Choose between 3x8 or 4x8 ground mats with Diamond Cleat and Smooth Treads

3x8' or 4x8' Mats - Which size mat do I need?

Your mat size depends on the general type of traffic used on the mat. Both mat sizes have been tested to the same weight and load capacities. The following will assist you in choosing the right size matting for your application, although this should only be used as a guide;

  • 4x8' Mats have the broadest use range and are used for everything from large construction equipment to wheelbarrows.
  • 3x8' Mats are desirable when price, weight, and space are a consideration. This size mat can be more restrictive with maneuvering, it is rated for the same performance as a 4x8’.

Diamond Cleat tread & Smooth textured sides - Which should I use and where?

Use the smooth side of our mats when it’s necessary to protect impressionable surfaces such as grass, concrete, asphalt, and pavers. Using a Diamond Cleat tread on hot asphalt could leave marks. When making tight turns with wheeled or track equipment, it's more desirable to use a mat with one smooth side facing up. When piling soil or aggregate on top of mats it's also easier to use a smooth-sided mat for removal. A Diamond Cleat tread will always give you the best traction in any situation!

Black or Natural (White) colored mats?

  • Black - If you're using mats in the dirt or on unclean substrates, a black mat will hide the mess of a busy work or construction site.
  • White - Ideal for use on manicured surfaces such as grass or turf. White ground mats reflect more sunlight and prevent "browning" of the grass by heat if used over extended periods of time.

How does the StartMat compare with the competition?

Value Alternative Performance & Value Premium With Extra Options
ScoutMat Comparison Start Mat Comparison AlturnaMat Comparison
80 Tons*
90 Tons*
120 Tons*
1 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty**
Limited Lifetime Warranty**
10-20 Years 15-20 Years
15-25 Years
Diamond Cleat or Cross (Pedestrian) Diamond Cleat or Smooth Diamond Cleat,Flat Oval (Pedestrian) or Smooth
3/8" Diamond Tread - 1/8" Cross Tread 1/4" Diamond Tread 3/8" Diamond Tread - 1/8" Flat Oval (Pedestrian)
4x8' 3x8' or 4x8' 2x4', 2x6', 2x8', 3x6', 3x8', 4x8'
1/2" 1/2" 1/2"
4. Two handholds on each of the longest sides 2. One handhold centered on the edge of each side 4. Two handholds spaced arms width apart on each side (Additional Cost)
Tan Only Black or Natural (Semi-translucent white) Black or Natural (Semi-translucent white)
US Made US Made US Made
Virgin HDPE Virgin HDPE Virgin HDPE

Common Use Cases for Ground Protection Mats

Turf/Grass Protection

Temporary Access Roads

Utilities & Pipeline Construction

Ground Rutting Prevention

Heavy-Haul Applications

Construction Sites

Work Platforms

Staging Areas

Tree Cutting

Environmental Containment

Wood Alu Steel StartMat™
Easy To Transport
Low Maintenance
Use On Uneven Ground
Will not Rust or Rot
Best Buy

Optional Connectors

2-Way Overmount

2-way Overmount Connector

4-Way Overmount

4-way Overmount Connector

2-Way Undermount

2-way Undermount Connector

4-Way Undermount

4-way Undermount Connector

Do I need connectors?

They're not required but recommended if you have installed your mats on uneven ground or plan on having your mats deployed for extended periods of time.

Overmount or Undermount Connectors?

Overmount connectors are less expensive and can be used where protrusion by the connector is not critical. e.g. you only have construction equipment running over the mats with no pedestrian use.
Undermount connectors are installed from underneath the mats. They are considered to be faster and easier to install that has a flush fitting with only the nut exposed on top.

4-Way or 2-Way Connectors?

Generally used in combination depending on your mat layout configuration. 2-way type connectors are used to connect mats end to end on either side of the mat for a continuous run, e.g. two sets of tracks for construction vehicle equipment.
4-way connectors can be used to link 4 mats together by each corner to create a platform or larger working surface area.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What is the warranty on StartMats?

Our Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty is to the original (retail) purchaser. This means that they have an indefinite warranty. Our mats are warranted against, but not limited to: cracking, breaking, splintering, and chipping. Examples of what would not be covered are bridging, using as outriggers, and if the substrate has large rocks or stumps they are placing the mats over which could puncture the mats.

Q: What is the weight capacity of StartMats?

StartMats are rated at 200 psi and can safely support loads up to 90 tons over grassy fields, sand, and aggregate surfaces in a variety of applications.

Q: Can I drive and turn on StartMats?

Yes, you can drive the most common vehicles and loads on StartMats, including tractor-trailers, forklifts, backhoes, pickups, and other heavy equipment.

Do you have more questions about our ground mats?

If you've come this far, you've still got time to call our team at (800) 671-9662, and one of our lucky advisors will be able to help you out!


  • Caution is to be used when crossing mats with metal tracked equipment.
  • Do not drag metal equipment across mats.
  • Do not use mats for bridging.

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Maximum Load up to 90 tons
Conforms Static Dissipative & UV Protected
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
Length 36 x 96 inches or 48 x 96 inches
Thickness 0.5 inches
Weight 3x8: 60lbs | 4x8: 80lbs
SKUs 13340, 13341, 13342, 13343, 13347, 13348, 13352, 13353
Pallet Type Double-sized
Per Pallet 30


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