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StartMat™ - Undermount & Overmount Ground Mat Connectors

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StartMat™ - Undermount & Overmount Connectors

The StartMat connectors can be used in multiple configurations depending on your mat layout. If you have a long-term installation or heavy construction equipment riding over your mats, we recommend you use connectors to secure the mats together and prevent shifting. Made from galvanized steel and heavy-duty locking nuts, they're just as tough as our mats!

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StartMats™ Brand Advantages

Connector Options

2-way Overmount Connector

2-way Overmount

4-way Overmount Connector

4-way Overmount

2-way Undermount Connector

2-way Undermount

4-way Undermount Connector

4-way Undermount

Do I need connectors?

They're not required but recommended if you have installed your mats on uneven ground or plan on having your mats deployed for extended periods of time.

Overmount or Undermount Connectors?

Overmount connectors are less expensive and can be used where protrusion by the connector is not critical. e.g. you only have construction equipment running over the mats with no pedestrian use.
Undermount connectors are installed from underneath the mats. They are considered to be faster and easier to install that have a flush fitting with only the nut exposed on top.

4-Way or 2-Way Connectors?

Generally used in combination depending on your mat layout configuration. 2-way type connectors are used to connect mats end to end on either side of the mat for a continuous run, e.g. two sets of tracks for construction vehicle equipment.
4-way connectors can be used to link 4 mats together by each corner to create a platform or larger working surface area. 

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