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Sidewalk Road Plate Value Cover - LowPro 15/10

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Low Pro 15/10 Flexi-Edge Pedestrian Cover Sidewalk Plate

The Low Pro hole cover sidewalk plate is a low-cost, high-value product designed to be used to be as low profile as possible.

It can be used to cover smaller excavations to allow pedestrian foot traffic access, improving site safety.  The two-piece construction of this plate means that it does not need to be bolted down and can be deployed very quickly by a single worker.

Two-piece construction

This valued sidewalk plate is produced from two main components, the center GRP composite section, and PVC anti-trip grip rim. This two-part construction design has distinct advantages over single-piece construction.

  • Low trip risk - The rubber rim is flexible forming to the surrounding flooring, ensuring that trip risks are kept to a minimum.
  • Long-lasting - The Outer rim can be replaced if it ever becomes worn or damaged.
  • No Bolting - The weight of the outer rim and subsequent traction means that the LowPro does not need to be bolted down. (Can be anchored if required) 

Ultra Quick Deployment

Because the LowPro does not require bolting or staking to the ground it is ideal for construction areas where repeated quick access to groundworks is required. No tools are required during the deployment or removal of the product making it very quick and easy to work with.  It is lightweight, only weighing 84 lbs., allowing one or two people to deploy multiple units very quickly and easily. 

Lifting Equipment Not Required

Unlike steel plates, this product does not require specialist lifting equipment and can be moved with just two people.

Massive 47" or 35" Trench Span Distance

This new generation of trench cover allows for a pedestrian application weight of up to 881lbs across 47 inches or 7716lbs across 35-inch trench or distance.

Suitable for Trucks and Cars

The Low Pro 15/10 can support up to 3.8 US-ton vehicles making both van and car applications possible.

Key Features of the 15/10 Low Pro

  • Covers 35-inch trenches for up to 7716 lb vehicles
  • Covers 47 inches for pedestrian applications up to 881 lbs
  • Does not require bolting down in most applications, subject to risk assessment.
  • Integrated Gas vents and Probe holes
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Anti trip profile
  • Shock Resistant
  • Two-person lift

Very Stable without Bolting

Low Pro 15/10 corner closeup

Its unique anti-slip and anti-trip edging means most applications don't require bolts.

Suitable for Vans and Cars

Low Pro 15/10

The Low Pro 15/10 can support up to 3.8 US-ton vehicles making both van and car applications possible.

Got Questions about the LowPro?

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Height 1.3"
Length 39.3"
Width 60"
Per Unit 84 lbs.
Color Yellow center with a black leading edge
Type GRP Composite centre, flexible PVC edging
Customization Different colors available (minimum quantity applies)
Per Pallet 20


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