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Yodock 2001MB Barrier System

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Yodock® 2001MB Barrier System

The Yodock®2001MB is the latest version of the 2001 range of Yodock plastic barriers. It comes in a variety of colors with the most popular variations being white or orange.

Each barrier locks into the next for maximum security, there are many accessories available that allow this barricade to be used for a multitude of applications.

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2001 2001M 2001MB
Length 6' 6' 6'
Height 46" 32" 32"
Width 24" 18" 18"
Empty Weight 130 lbs. 75 lbs. 85 lbs.
Full Weight 1,500 lbs. 750 lbs. 900 lbs.
Capacity 180 gallons 100 gallons 100 gallons
Yodock 2001MB Accessory Range

Yodock Construction Barrier

Construction Fencing

Create a safe and secure work zone with high fence panels. These Yodock branded fence panels offer superior security and safety. They prevent passers-by and pedestrians from reaching or climbing over the barricade into areas where they may sustain an injury.

2001MB used as a longitudinal channelizing device


The Yodock 2001MB can be deployed as a Longitudinal Channelizing Device (LCD for short). In this application, it can be used to guide traffic or pedestrians safely around temporary works or changes in road layouts.

Yodock Barrier with Fencing and Netting

Event Security

Ensure everyone attending an event has paid for their entry by using the Yodock 2001MB as a fence system restricting access. A branded netting can also be fitted to obscure the view of anyone trying to watch an event.

Yodock 2001MB Illustrated Features

Lightweight and Easy to Lift

No need for heavy lifting equipment. Two workers can move empty barricades with ease.

Made from Hard Wearing HDPE

Lasts and will stand up to frequent and extended use.
UV stabilizers ensure that the sun will not damage the barriers.

Custom Colors Available

We can brand the 2001MB to suit your corporate requirements.

Use Filled or Unfilled

Depending on the application ballast may or may not be required.

Yodock Post Cap Stabilizer

Post Stabilizer

The 2001MB can have the filler cap replaced to fit high-security fencing. There is also a post stabilizer at the bottom of the fill hole.

Yodock Embossing and Branding


Know whose barriers they are? We'll have your brand embossed on each barrier, please call us for more info!

Yodock Twist Lock Filler Cap for Water

Lockable Filler Cap

To prevent tampering, the water filler cap can be twisted to lock and unlock with the supplied tool. There are 2 fill caps, 1 at each end.

Yodock Interlocking Connector

Interlocking Connector

Easily and securely snaps into the recesses of the barrier. This tried and tested 'dogbone' connector also works in the 2001M corner connectors.

Yodock Embossing and Branding

Drain Plugs

Our plugs incorporate a twist-lock seal with a silicone edging for the waterproof seal. Using the same tool to remove the pouring filler cap. Drain plugs are on both sides of the barrier for convenient access.

2001MB Tie down holes

Tie Down Flanges

2 tie-down holes on each side make the 2001MB a permanent installation by anchoring itself to the ground for long term use.

Yodock 2001MB Forklift Points

Forklift Lifting Points

Strong and durable lifting points allow the 2001MB to be lifted safely filled or unfilled with any standard forklift.

Yodock 2001M Corner Connectors

Create Corners

Using the corner connector to create pivot points with nearly any degree of articulation between adjacent barriers. It can also be used as access by acting as a gating device.

Yodock 2001MB Dimensions

Customization? Yes, We Can!

Yodock Custom Colors

Why Buy the 2001MB From Start Safety?

We will ensure you get the right deal at the right price, saving you time and money. If you have any questions regarding the range, call our expert sales team on (800) 671-9662. They will ensure you get the right Yodock barrier for your needs, at the right price.

Need something a little different? We can always customize your barriers and accommodate your needs.

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