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5 Channel Heavy Duty 3.75" Yellow Jacket® Cable Protector

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Yellow Jacket Cable Protector for 3.755" cables, 5 Channel

When you need to run up to 5 larger hoses or cables across a road then look no further than the Yellow Jacket 5 Channel – 3.75” cable protector.

Each channel is capable of sheltering a hose or cable with an external diameter up to 3.75”. The more gradual ramp angle of this cable ramp makes it ideal for high traffic volume areas.

Dogbone connectors ensure that each section stays firmly interlocked to the next, protecting valuable cables and hoses from damage and wear.

The Yellow Jacket series like all checkers cable protectors is made from durable and hard wearing plastic that is resistant to oils, lubricants. and fuels.

Straight Yellow jacket Heavy Duty 5 3.75

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If you require colors other than the standard Yellow / Black please call our trained sales team toll-free at (800) 671-9662. They will also be happy to deal with any inquiries that you may have regarding the range and pricing.

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A: Straight 35.75 in. (90.8 cm)
B: Width 57.25 in. (145.4 cm)
C: Height 5.125 in. (14.9 cm)
D: Channel Width 3.875 in. (9.84 cm)
E: Channel Height 3.75 in. (9.53 cm)
Load Capacity
Per Tire 7,990 lb./Tire (3,624 kg) (Max load tested at 70°F (21°C)
Per Axle 15,980 lb./Axle (7,248 kg) (Max load tested at 70°F (21°C)
Cable & Hose Diameter (Max) 3.75"
Channels 5
Weight 200 lb. (90.72 kg)


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