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PSS SafetyRail™ LCD - Portable ADA Plastic Pedestrian Barricade

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ADA Compliant Pedestrian Barrier
MUTCD & MASH Approved

SafetyRail™ LCD - Pedestrian Channelizer for Roads & Pathways

The SafetyRail ADA-compliant barricade is the easy way to channel, divert or close pedestrian walkways. Suited for public roads, sidewalks, and even construction sites as a longitudinal channelizer device (LCD). SafetyRail meets ADA guidelines and MUTCD MASH compliance with its continuous, interlocking Wave Guide Rails which prevent hand snagging. The SafetyRail barricade has an extra low ground clearance of just 1.5" from the ground, reducing the potential for trapped cane tips or tripping hazards. Each upright also has the ability to attach aids such as Audible Information Devices or Warning Lights.

The SafetyRail pedestrian delineator and channelizer barricade provides a quick and secure assembly with built-in notches which allow the Guide Rails to snap into the black bushings of each upright. The SafetyRail uprights weigh less than 7 lbs per piece but can also be filled with 18 lbs of sand for ballast, additionally, there is space for extra sandbags to be placed over the feet.

Made in the USA and manufactured using blow-molded HDPE for durability and strength, this ADA barricade is rustproof and suited to all weather! Stop dealing with heavier, cumbersome wood barriers, get in contact with our team today to discuss your needs or to learn a little more, keep scrolling. 


The SafetyRail is designed to save you space, weight and money by only requiring one additional upright frame for each linear length of barricade.

Each SafetyRail barricade comes with the following:

 1 x Single SafetyRail Upright Frame - The toolless upright frame weighs just 7 lbs before supplementing with ballast if needed.

 2 x Wave Guide Rails - Two centerboards with your choice of length (4 or 6') and optional stripe direction with 3M retro-reflectivity grade sheeting.

To complete your barricade run, add 1 additional SafetyRail Upright to support the last length of Wave Guide Rail centerboards. If you plan on configuring multiple separate barricade lengths/runs, you can add extra uprights to your cart.

If you have any questions, please call us on (800) 671-9662

What's included in every SafetyRail section

Key Features

  • Continuous Interlocking Barricade - Smoother continual hand guidance with each Guide Rail centerboard.
  • Cane-ready - Ground-hugging lower rail reduces the potential for trapped canes.
  • Common Vertical Plane - Eliminates obstacles to safe passage.
  • Safety Compliance - SafetyRail meets ADA guidelines and MUTCD requirements. Holds FHWA-issued acceptance letter (WZ-359), and has met Test Level 3 standards of AASHTO’s “Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware” (MASH).
  • Configurable Options - Each SafetyRail upright frame is sold with two 4 or 6 feet long Wave centerboards in your choice of reflective sheeting grades, and reflector orientations.
  • Lightweight & Space Saving - Folds flat for transport and storage. For each additional length of centerboard requires only one more SafetyRail upright.
  • Heavy Duty Long-Term Use - Constructed from blow molded HDPE frame and using the best 3M reflective sheeting attached to blow-molded one-piece centerboards, you'll be sure to receive years of use without complaint.
A visually disabled person being guided by an ADA compliant pedestrian barricade

SafetyRail Features

Tested to Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) Test Level: 3 - Click to view the download area for FHWA Eligibility Letter

SafetyRail Plastic Barrier Features
  1. Audible Information Device or Warning Light Mount.
  2. SafetyRail provides continuous hand guidance using the Wave® Guide Rail.
  3. Oversized fill hole for internal sand ballast.
  4. Top and bottom bushings hold Wave Guide Rail in place. No installation tools are required.
  5. Molded-in lug for easy stacking is also located by the fill hole and the molded handle.
  6. A common vertical plane eliminates obstacles in the walkway for safer, continuous guidance.
  7. Molded handle for easy transport.
  8. Support for optional ballast.
  9. Measures 1.5" from the ground, reducing the potential for trapping cane tips.

SafetyRail Configuration Options

Guide Rail Length Reflective Sheet Options Sides & Stripe Directions
4' Wave Engineer (ENG) 1 Side with Right Direction Stripes
6' Wave High-Intensity Prismatic (HIP) 1 Side with Left Direction Stripes

Diamond (DIA) 1 Side with Bidirection Stripes
Both Sides with Left or Right Direction Stripes
Both Sides with Bidirectional Stripes

WAVE® Guide Rail / Centerboard

Each Guide Rail Centerboard has built-in notches to keep your barricades fixed into the SafetyRail bushings. Guide Rails are available in 4 or 6 feet lengths depending on your project needs. The patented Wave centerboard features a unique indented 'wave' shape on the back of each centerboard to help strengthen and increase rigidity. The boards' one-piece design has closed ends to prevent dirt and moisture from penetrating. 

The WAVE Design:

  • Strengthens and stiffens the centerboard.
  • Reduces sagging and warping.
  • Significantly improves rebound ability.

Wave Guide Rails measure 0.8" x 7.5" x 48" or 72" (4 or 6 feet) and are made from HDPE with UV inhibitors. 

    Wave Board Design Example

    Illustration of reflective grades for road barriers

    ENG - Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting - GOOD

    Meets ASTM D4956 Type 1 and is an enclosed film or lens using glass beads or prismatic optical technology.

    HIP - High-Intensity Prismatic Sheeting - BETTER

    Meets ASTM requirement standards for D4956-09 Type III and Type IV, as well as ASTM 4956-07 Type X. It is a non-metalized micro prismatic lens reflective sheeting. HIP sheeting is highly reflective, and its durable topcoat protects signs and other traffic control devices against scratches and abrasion. Not only is it highly reflective at night, but it also commands attention during the day as well.

    DIA - Diamond Grade Reflective Sheeting - BEST

    Meets ASTM Type XI standard. A full cube prismatic reflective sheeting that returns almost 60% of the available light to vehicle drivers which is about double what HIP reflective sheeting reflects. With pending legislation in the US, this material will likely be required to replace many existing signs. Currently, all new “critical” traffic control signs (such as Stop signs, speed limit signs, etc.) are required to utilize this sheeting.

    Striping Direction & Sides

    3M Retro-reflective sheeting can be applied on one side or both sides of the centerboards.
    Example option configurations:
    Both Sides (RIGHT/RIGHT) = Right leaning stripes on both sides of the Wave board.
    Both Sides (RIGHT/LEFT) = Right leaning stripes on one side of Wave board with left leaning on the other.

    Left or Right Direction Boards (One-Way Turn)

    Where barricades extend across a path or roadway, the stripes should slope downward in the direction toward which pedestrians or vehicles must turn.

    Bi-Directional Boards - (Right and Left Turn or No Turn)

    When providing both right and left turns, the barricade stripes should slope downward in both directions from the center of the barricade or barricades. Where no turns are intended, the stripes should be positioned to slope downward toward the center of the barricade or barricades.

    Type 3 Barricade Reflective Direction Example

    PSS Brand ADA Pedestrian Barricade Comparison

    SafetyRail™ SafetyWall® - Click to view
    SafetyRail Barrier Comparison SafetyWall Barrier Comparison
    Ballast/Stabilization Type Fillable with sand & use of sandbags Sandbags placed on steel legs
    Barricade Color Options White White or Orange
    Weight 7 lbs empty and up to 25lbs with sand fill 35 lbs plus additional sandbags
    Dimensions 3.25" W x 38" H x 24" L at base 3" W x 36.25" H x 74" L
    Length of barricade when deployed 48" or 72" Wave Guide Rail/Centerboard 72" (Overall length is 74")
    Gap between bottom and ground 1.5" (From lower Wave board) Less than 2"
    Reflective Stripe Options Engineering, High-Intensity Prismatic, Diamond High-Intensity Prismatic, Diamond
    Reflectives available on both sides
    Mount for Audible Information Devices or Warning Lights 
    Carry handles
    Transport Stackable
    Toolless assembly
    ADA Compliant
    FHWA MASH Approved
    MUTCD 2009 Compliant
    Made in the USA
    Material Composition HDPE with UV inhibitors HDPE with UV inhibitors, Galvanized Zinc Steel Tube Supports
    Compatible with PSS Wave Centerboards PSS BoardWalk Ramp

    Key Applications

    Sidewalks & Pedestrian Crossings

    SafetyRail Barricades are ideally suited for controlling and diverting pedestrian foot traffic from sidewalks or temporary access ways for events.

    SafetyRail Pedestrian Barrier Deployed and In-Use on Sidewalk

    Pedestrian Access for Construction Areas

    Create temporary diversions for pedestrian walkways by using a combination of 4 or 6 foot long centerboards to contour access around your construction site.

    SafetyRail Pedestrian Barrier Deployed and In-Use on Sidewalk

    Why Buy from Start Safety?

    We provide free, impartial product advice and knowledge by phone or email. It would be our pleasure to talk with you about your road safety needs and any questions you may have. (800) 671-9662

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