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Heavy Duty Car Flow Plates, Surface Mounted - Includes Fixings

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Heavy-Duty Car Flow Plates For Directional Traffic Control

These flow plates are suited for any site where anything heavier than a standard vehicle will be passing over them. They are strong enough to deal with delivery trucks and other motor vehicles. Our heavy-duty car flow plates are made from high-quality heavy-duty chequer plate steel finished in bright yellow.

Although we list these as heavy-duty flow plates they are suitable for almost any vehicle that is not exceptionally low. The height of these plates is 4.53 inches to the top of the hinged flap, so all standard road vehicles will have no problem traversing them.

The heavy-duty plate uses a high tensile spring to lift the plate, this spring is a serviceable item that can be easily maintained and switched out if required.

Photo showing HGV flow plate close up with flap lifted

Easy Installation

As these plates are surface mounted they do not require drainage channels or any groundwork other than a few simple holes drilling. If installing on a thin asphalt surface or new tarmac it may be necessary to install a concrete pad first, details of this are available in our downloads section.

Great For Depots & Service Yards

Prevent vehicles from traveling the wrong way through exits, or entry points in an attempt to bypass security, pay gates or other restrictions.

Can Be Locked Down For Temporary Two Way Traffic

If required the plates can be locked down to facilitate two-way traffic this may be required for emergency access.

Need Help Choosing?

Don't know a flow plate from a wheel stopper? Don't worry we have you covered, our sales team will help you get the right product for your needs every time. You can contact us on (800) 671-9662, they are available during office hours and will ensure you get the right flow plate system for your needs.


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Drill Hole Size 13/32 (0.9449 Inches) / 24mm Tarmac Fixing
Height 4.53 Inches (115mm) with Raised Teeth | 2.01 Inches (51mm) top of body
Length 14.67 Inches (372.5mm)
Width 18.90 Inches (480mm)
Per Unit 39.68 lbs. (18kg)
Color Yellow


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