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3 Channel Guard Dog® Drop Over Cable & Hose Protection

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If cables or hoses are already in place and fixed to the floor then you will need a “drop over” solution. This version of the Guard Dog system is ideal for these instances, it simply drops over cables offering protection from any traffic passing above.

Thoroughly Tested

The Guard Dog® Drop sections are 18” long each, and are super lightweight at only 9lb. per unit. They are super strong and able to take similar loads as the standard Guard Dog cable protectors.

Thoroughly Tested
  • Material: UV Stabilised Polyurethane
  • Operating Temp: -40°F to 120°F (-40°C to 4°C)

Quick deployment

Due to its small size this drop-over version of the Guard Dog® system is very fast to deploy on site, even with only a small team a large run can be completed very quickly.

Compatible with the 5 channel standard Guard Dog®

The drop over three channel shares the same connector dimensions and spacing as the standard lidded 5 channel Guard Dog® allowing them to be connected together if required.

Ideal for short term and permanent installs

The compact size of the drop over Guard Dog® means that it can be kept on the back of a truck and used as a hose or cable bridge if needed when on site. They can however, if needed, be left out permanently, they have been thoroughly tested and are suitable for use in all seasons.

Superb traction and ADA compatibility kits

The Guard Dog® drop over includes Checkers patented 5-bar tread pattern, ensuring that both vehicles and pedestrians benefit from reduced risk of slipping. ADA compatibility kits are available (see related products)

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3 Channel Guard Dog® Drop Over Cable & Hose Protection

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A: Length 18 in. (45.72 cm)
B: Width 19.75 in. (50.36 cm)
C: Height 1.87 in. (4.76 cm)
D2: Channel Width 3.2 in. (8.16 cm)
D: Channel Width 1.65 in. (4.21 cm)
E: Channel Height 1.325 in. (3.37 cm)
Load Capacity
Per Tire 10,500 lb./Tire (4,763 kg) (Max load tested at 70°F (21°C)
Per Axle 21,000 lb./Axle (9,526 kg) (Max load tested at 70°F (21°C)
Cable & Hose Diameter (Max) 1.325"
Channels 3
Weight 9 lb. (4.2 kg)


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