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Flexible Traffic Delineators Post & Base - Flexi-Cylinder

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Flexi-Cylinder Flexible Traffic Delineators

The Flexi-Cylinder is a flexible delineator post that is available in three sizes. It is fitted with two retro-reflective bands that make it easy to spot in low lighting and poor atmospheric conditions.

The key purpose of the Flexi-Post is to delineate traffic flow where complicated road layouts may confuse drivers. The post its self is flexible enough that if a vehicle strikes the post it will pop back into position without damage.


  • Flexible delineation of traffic through construction works.
  • Warning drivers of curves in the road
  • Separating out incoming and outgoing traffic in parking lots and warehouses.
  • Marking out lanes for traffic at events

Different Configurations for Different Applications

This flexible delineator post is not only physically flexible it is also flexible in the applications it can be applied to.

Sizes of Delineator Posts

Two Different Post Heights

There are two different heights of post available 29" and 39". You may need a taller post if you are using the flexi-post in an area mostly used by big rigs and semi trucks. Alternatively, for forklift and car traffic you may want to use a slightly lower post. Ultimately the different sizes give you plenty of options when designing your traffic control system.

Flexi Cylinders in Road Rocks

Temporary Installations

The flexi-post can be used in two ways that can be considered temporary. It can be used with the Hexagon Twist-Lock 22.5" diameter base shown above. Or it can be quickly removed from the standard Bolt down Twist-lock static base unit if required.

Being able to remove the post from the static base quickly and easily is great when you may need to restrict or open up parking areas at an event or shopping mall.

Channelizing Removable Posts


The layout of traffic lanes passing through road construction can frequently change, almost on a daily basis. This can be confusing to drivers, the Flexi-Post will assist them in staying in the correct lane by giving a clear and eye level line to follow.

Fast To Install

The post is separate from the base unit, and can easily be removed if needed for replacement or just to allow traffic to pass through an area. The base can be quickly installed with either one central fixing for short term use or with a total of four bolts for longer term installations.

Hard Wearing base

The base of the flexi-post is very hard wearing and made from the same material as our speed bumps. This makes it possible to leave the base in place without the worry of vehicles damaging them.

Twist Lock Fitting

The cylinder fits into the base via a twist lock system, by rotating the post half a turn it can be quickly removed from the base. Ideal for applications where the post is being used to restrict access or close off areas of a parking lot. Just as quickly it can be deployed to another location.

Need assistance or have questions?

Give us a call toll-free at (800) 671-9662 to speak to our sales team about our flexible delineator posts. They will be happy to help you find the ideal setup for your needs.

Anti-Slip Surface


Hole cover can be moved by one person

Bolt Down

Cover can be fixed to ground

Road Rock Compatible

Springs Right Back Into Shape

Made from LDPE, our delineator bounces straight back up into shape after being struck by a vehicle. It can do this many times without showing signs of wear or damage.

Flexible Delineator in action

Get Assistance Choosing Your Products

If you need assistance choosing your trench cover then our expert sales team are here to assist you. Call them toll-free at (800) 671-9662.

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Conforming Standards
Reflectors Micro Prismatic Retro-Reflective PVC Sheeting
Diameter Posts: 3.9" - Bolt Down Twist-lock Base: 10.8" - Hexagon Twist-lock Base: 22.5"
Height Overall height including either base: 39" or 29"
Per Unit 39" Post: 1.98lbs - 29" Post: 1.54lbs - Bolt Down Twist-lock Base: 3.1lbs - Hexagon Twist-lock Base: 19.2lbs
Color Orange
Type Post: LDPE (UV Stabilized Low Density Polyethylene) - Base: Recycled PVC (Polyvinyl-chloride)
Eco-Friendly 100% Recyclable
SKUs 12906, 12905, 12902. 12903, 12904, 12901


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