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Pedestrian Longitudinal Channelizing Device Wonderwall Barrier

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Wonderwall Pedestrian Longitudinal Channelizing Device 

The Wonderwall is the latest longitudinal channelizing device (LCD) to hit the US market. It offers a cost-effective method of channelizing pedestrians or vehicles and restricting access in or around construction areas. It has many benefits over traditional water wall and concrete systems.

Linking sections create one long continuous barrier, providing a clear unbroken and clean divide between work zones and pedestrian areas. An optional mesh top increases the height of the divider further improving safety by preventing people hopping over the top.

Its compact footprint and ability to create almost any layout quickly make the Wonderwall LCD great for busy city environments.

Two-Part Construction

The Cheapest LCD to Transport

The Wonderwall LCD base and upper stack efficiently onto a pallet containing 21 complete sections of Wonderwall. When compared to traditional water wall systems our system is very dense when packed. This makes the Wonderwall one of the cheapest systems to transport and store. You will also get more length of barrier per vehicle arriving on site, drastically reducing transport costs.

Stable In High Winds

The Wonderwall LCD comes in two parts, a heavyweight base and a lightweight blow molded upper. The heavy weight of the recycled PVC base reduces the center of gravity of the barricade. It has a large but low-profile footprint making it highly wind resistant.

WonderWall Stacked on a Pallet
WonderWall High Wind Resistence

No Sandbags or Ballast Needed

The Wonderwall is self-ballasted; the dense heavyweight base provides enough ballast for most applications. For normal installations, it does not require sandbags or water to be added to improve its wind resistance.

One Person Install

A perimeter fence for almost any site can quickly be deployed, whether permanent or temporary. It can be used to create checkpoints, control crowd movements and improve. At events, it can prevent those unauthorized persons bypassing security or entering without paying.

WonderWall Barrier doesn't need extra ballast
Modular WonderWall


A perimeter fence for almost any site can quickly be deployed, whether permanent or temporary. It can be used to create checkpoints, control crowd movements and improve. At events, it can prevent those unauthorized persons bypassing security or entering without paying.

Construction Site Perimeter Fence

Busy cities mean lots of people, some of which may want to access your construction site even if it means climbing over a waist height barricade. For this reason, the Wonderwall can be used with an optional steel mesh top that increases the height of the barrier making it more like traditional construction fence. If purchased the mesh sections are supplied with clamps that prevent individual sections being lifted out.

Construction sites are never a standard layout; the Wonderwall can be adapted to almost any shape or work zone. It can interlock in a straight line or any angle up to 90 degrees ensuring your fence is the right shape and size for your needs.

Harbours & Ports

We have found the Wonderwall to be popular with ports and harbors. They are used to clearly mark where the dock edge is, improving safety for both pedestrians and vehicles.

They are ideal for using around cruise ports where pedestrians exiting or entering the ship need to be kept to a specific ‘safe area’. Usually, this is a safe distance from any loading and unloading of the ship that may be going on.

Loading bays

Improve safety for pedestrians working around reversing vehicles and forklifts. The Wonderwall can be used to create safe walkways around areas where vehicles frequently operate.

S-Clip™ Connect with Tough and Gate Barrier

S-Clip WonderWall compatibility

Retro-reflective plastic barrier

Reflective Markings

Every top section includes a retro-reflective high contrast panel. This makes it easy to spot even in poor atmospheric conditions. This feature is especially important when pedestrians are working or walking around moving vehicles.

Custom Color Channelizer

Custom Colors

This barricade can be made in any color to suit your company or organization's branding.*
Our standard colors are produced ANSI Safety Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple.

Custom Branding and Signage

Custom Branding

The barricade incorporates four mounting points that custom branding or safety messages can be attached to.

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Depth Top: 1.97" - Base: 19.69"
Height 39.37"
Width 44.88"
Per Pallet 21 Base and Tops
Per Unit 48 lbs (Base and Top Combined)
Type Barricade - HDPE (UV Stabilized High Density Polyethylene) Feet - Virgin / Part Recycled PVC (Polyvinylchloride)
Customization Color, Custom signage, Custom stickers, Embossed nameplate (Minimum order applies)


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