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Sentinel Goalpost Kits - Temporary Overhead Height Restriction

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Temporary Non-Conductive Height Adjustable Restriction Goalposts

The Sentinel Goalposts Height Restriction Barrier system is a lightweight, cost effective solution to ensure compliance with the INGAA Construction Safety & Quality Consensus Guidelines as well as many other new construction safety standards. This system is designed to be set up by bridging the access pathway before and after the obstacle that is to be be avoided.

Many makeshift warning devices have been used in the past but our kit allows for a fast adjustable deployment and improved safety where overhead obstacles are present. They are used to ensure that adequate warning is given to drivers about overhead obstacles such as power lines and structures.

The kits have many names including overhead goalposts, safety bunting, Non-conductive height warning System and overhead cable protection posts. These kits are often used around live electrical cables. For this reason, the poles are made from fiberglass and are completely non-conductive.

The basic kit includes two bases weighing 30lbs each, 2 telescopic non-conductive poles and 82ft of bunting. There is also the option to have a plastic Metro Block water filled bases for independent stability as well a rigid telescopic crossbar rather than the bunting.

Height Restriction kit in use

Four Choices of Overhead Goalposts to Choose From

Bunting and Steel Base

Kit Choice 1

  • 2 x 24ft telescopic poles
  • 2 x Powder coated steel bases
  • 1 x 82ft of hi-visibility bunting
Solid Cross Bar and Steel Base

Kit Choice 2

  • 2 x 24ft telescopic poles
  • 2 x Powder coated steel bases
  • 1 x Solid telescopic cross bar
Solid Cross Bar and Steel Base

Kit Choice 3

  • 2 x 24ft telescopic poles
  • 2 x Metro blocks
  • 1 x 82ft of hi-visibility bunting
Solid Cross Bar and Steel Base

Kit Choice 4

  • 2 x 24ft telescopic poles
  • 2 x Metro blocks
  • 1 x Solid telescopic cross bar

Features of the Sentinel Goalpost Kit

  • No tools required assembly 
  • Easy to use locking hand clamps 
  • Choice of bolt down Steel bases or plastic water filled Metro Block bases
  • Insulated to 75kv with a multi-layered fiberglass tube construction
  • HSE GS6 Compliant (Avoiding Danger from Overhead Power Lines)

Rigid Crossbar or Bunting?

  • Bunting has flexibility and movement outside
  • Bunting is the most compact solution for transport
  • The telescopic pole doesn't sag. maximum extension: 25.5ft
  • The Crossbar is becoming the recommended standard
  • Bunting is prone to sagging

242lbs of Ballast

MIRA tested Base

The Metro Block water filled bases have been MIRA wind speed tested up to 50mph.

Easy to use Hand Clamps

No Tools required locking hand clamps

Quick release clamps on each telescopic section make it a breeze to setup.

Typical Set Up

Height Restriction Kit

Recommended guidelines for setting up on site.

Looking For Advice?

Contact our sales line on (800) 671-9662 to speak to our sales team about this Goal Post height restriction warning system.


ExactPhoto ✔ (The photos are of the actual product type that you are ordering)
ExactSpec ✔ (The specification has been independently checked for accuracy)
Conforms HSE GS6 Compliant, MIRA wind speed tested Metro Block base upto 50mph
Diameter Smallest Telescopic Pole: 1.2 inches, Largest Telescopic Pole: 2 inches
Length Telescopic Pole: 71-294 inches, Rigid Crossbar: 95-307 inches, Bunting: 984 inches Metro Block: 20.5x20.5x19.7cm, Metal Base: 19.7x19.7x19.3 inches
Per Unit Bunting: 0.6lbs, Metro Block Base: 19lbs, Metal Base; 29lbs, Rigid Crossbar: 8.6lbs, Telescopic Poles: 7lbs
Color High Visibility Red and White alternate sections with Black bases
Type Poles: Fiberglass with Nylon hand clamps, Metal Bases: Powder Coated Steel, Metro Block: Polyethylene
Customization Custom signage available e.g. 'Caution Overhead Structures' and 'Live Wires Overhead'


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